The Inspirational Accomplishments of Norman Pattiz

Innovative marketing strategies have made their way into the broadcasting industry. The conventional radio broadcasting programs have served in this market for many years. Little progress had been achieved in the sector until in 2012 when Norman Pattiz developed PodcastOne. The platform functions as a digital on-demand system for audio products. Pattiz is quick to note the value of hard work, motivation and work engagement in driving success. His entrepreneurship ventures are notable from Westwood One where under his leadership, the company soared to be the greatest radio network in the US. In 2010, he continued to make his footprint in the industry and created Courtside Entertainment Group which is phenomenon participant in the broadcasting industry.


Before these achievements, Pattiz had been awarded a seat on the Broadcasting Board of Governors by Presidents Bush and Clinton. One of his most remarkable achievements is developing the idea to host Arabic television and radio services. These services were intended for the Middle East countries and also featured a Farsi broadcasting service for Iranians. Weekly, these programs chart over 40 million listeners. He was instated in the National Radio Hall of Fame by 2009 in recognition for his contribution to the industry. Library of American Broadcasting later awarded him the Giants of Broadcasting Award.


PodcastOne has featured numerous marketing materials targeting the millions of subscribers on the channel. Being an on-demand audio platform, the quality of products on the platform is exceedingly high. Edison Research in conjunction with PodcastOne studied five consumer brands in pre- and post-launching marketing campaigns with the platform. Edison Research is an authority in research pertaining podcasting space and teaming up with a leading provider promised accurate results. The study featured different brand marketing motivations such as advertising and experimentation. The study focused on exploring intent of purchase, brand and message recall.


By following up three separate studies, Edison Research successfully investigated the hypothesis parameters on how podcast marketing via PodcastOne affected audience reception. The study found that podcast received by the audience increased their willingness to engage a brand. Further, the study demonstrated that a brand message response is significantly high among podcast audience. Statistics showed that the product awareness for the five company brands increased significantly during the study’s duration. Importantly, positive improvements in the market reception of the brands were noted in the post-study surveys. For instance, aftermath products gained popularity from brand messages.


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The Height of Interior Remodeling Through Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction has an intriguing tagline that has helped it redesign and refurbish homes for homeowners in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. It brings with it a promise of quality and satisfaction and has done so consistently over the years. Their practicality has been felt in the Northern Illinois where they have come up with home with stable siding and roofing that withstands hailstones, storms, and hurricanes.


Aloha Construction being at the top of the game has positively brought a wake-up call among the local siding contractors. They have made a presence therein while the icing comes with their website platform that they use to develop networks, give expert advice and answer burning issues in constructions. Among the many areas the company has grown, David Farbaky notes the completion of the 7000 project and surpassing the year’s target.


2015 will see Aloha Construction move to the southern side of Illinois with head office at Lake Zurich where they will launch their new brand. The new route will take interest on interior restoration, natural disaster aide, clean-up and remodeling of bathrooms, kitchen and flooring. Although they have been doing these, they want to take it a notch higher and use a team of experts specifically running these in the fields.


About Aloha Construction

This is a fully licensed General Contractors in the Southern Wisconsin and Illinois. Its services come with a craftsmanship warranty of 10 years for any unfortunate defect from the company’s expert team though rarely happens. They offer no tags for roofing inspection and can be contacted through 847 540 7711 or their online portal


Visible success is manifested in over 18,000 completed projects. The Bloomington office has been reaching out to people in the Lake Zurich, Washington, Champaign, Tazewell, McHenry among other counties. Some of what they do includes; plumbing, painting, air conditioning, and heating, pest control, repair, and maintenance.

Eva Moskowitz Announces Success Academies Ed Institute

Eva Moskowitz and Success Academies announced the opening of their new educational platform, the Ed Institute. This online platform opened in June of 2017.


Eva Moskowitz is the founder and CEO of Success Academies. Success Academies is based in New York City, and is a free, public charter school system open to all New York state students. It is ranked in the top one percent of all state schools in math, the top two percent in English and the five percent in science.


Before founding Success Academies, Eva Moskowitz was a teacher and college educator. She uses her prior experience to improve learning outcomes for the children in her state. Her leadership has made Success Academies one of the best charter school programs in the country.


Now, the Ed Institute allows teachers across the country to access the tools that make Success Academies so great. This is a free and open platform for educators. “We are sharing exactly what has made our schools so effective, so that others can be faster and better at replicating that success,” said Eva Moskowitz in a press release.


The launch began with providing access to the THINK Literacy program. This is the reading program for elementary schools that Success Academies used to bring their charter program to the top of New York public education. As the Ed Institute continues, they will also offer other training to go along with their educational material. Eva Moskowitz and Success Academies hope this will increase educational outcomes across the United States.

Nathaniel is helping Sweetgreens up the restaurant ladder

Born in 1985 in Pasadena, CA is Nathaniel Ru. Nathaniel graduated from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business with his BS in Finance. After graduating he came together with 2 of his fellow graduates to start Sweetgreens. Learn more:


Sweetgreens is known as being a seasonal kitchen that mainly focuses on local sourcing and sustainability. The very first location of Sweetgreens was located right in the heart of Georgetown. Since the restaurant first started they have been able to expand to over 27 different locations located in 6 different states. Sweetgreens is hoping that they will be able to expand into the West Coast in the early part of 2015.


The 3 founders came up with the idea for Sweetgreens when they saw that their community needed more healthy and delicious and also eco friendly dining options. Sweetlife was able to be launched in 2010, and was started by Nathaniel Ru and his business partners. Sweetlife has come to be known as one of the regions largest music and food festivals around. Over 20,000 people is said to attend the event each year.


Sweetgreens has been able to make a huge name for itself coming to be known as a high-end salad food chain. Large investors are said to be backing the food chain such as: Danny Meyer, Steve Case and Daniel Boulvd. Not only has Sweetgreens come to be known for their amazing food that they offer but they have also come to be known for serving organic, fresh and also providing local experiences. Most of the customers that come to one of Sweetgreens 40 locations are always willing to wait in their lines just to be able to eat at their resturant. Learn more:


30% of the transactions that are made through Sweetgreens is done over their website or over their mobile app. All 3 of the founders are currently considering rethinking their management strategies so that they can learn how to be able to better serve all of their customers. The Sweetgreens corporate office is shut down five times a year so that each worker has a chance to work in the restaurants so that they can all know how it feels to work as part of the restaurant team. Since very first opening their doors Sweetgreens has been able to come a long way up the restaurant ladder. They are hoping in time they will be able to grow their restaurants even more to better suit and satisfy their customers.

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