Jeremy Goldstein views of Stock as a compensation option

Jeremy Goldstein has a stake at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC which is a boutique law firm devoted to guiding compensation committees, chief executive officers, and corporations. It also guides management teams in executive corporate governance issues and compensation; mainly as such matters come up regarding transformative business events and sensitive circumstances, holds that this option has benefits if one looked at it keenly.


In the recent past, a lot of corporations have ceased offering their employees stock benefits. Such decisions have largely been informed by reasons of financial constraints. Some situations, however, are more complex. Jeremy Goldstein sheds some light on why many companies might cut the stock option by advancing three key reasons.


  • If the stock values drop substantially, it might be an uphill task for personnel to use their stock options. But, businesses are obligated to report on their allied expenses. It is these expenses that make stakeholders face increased danger of overhang.
  • Because of the unpredictable nature of stock stability, workers have grown apprehensive and are therefore avoiding this model of compensation. The risk that overturns pose is real, and the employees have identified this as something that can make their stock options worthless.
  • The option also introduces a likelihood of increased accounting burdens, which can sometimes exceed the financial advantages of the derivatives. Employees deem the stock option to be unattractive compared to the rise in salary that they could receive if the stock alternative were removed.


Jeremy Goldstein is of the view that the stock option might favor a business since it is advantageous as compared to additional wages, better insurance coverage or equities. As a result of this, there is a high probability that employees will appreciate the stock options. Moreover, the options offer a value that in uniform for all the personnel.


According to Jeremy Goldstein, the stock value becomes even better with the rise of the companies share prices. The stock option can motivate to improved output, and work performance as the employees are motivated to source for more clients, preserve the current clients, and develop new concepts for business development, because their stock option rises in value as the company grows and makes profit.


In comparison with the equity option, Jeremy Goldstein advocates for corporations to use stock option. Goldstein strongly believes that the stock option is best suited when companies are developing top executive compensation plans. The tax burden that comes with shares is eliminated, when a company chooses to use the stock option.


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Avaaz Fights For Humanity and Justice

Avaaz translates to voicing the opinions of others. Based in America, the civic organization has been in existent since the beginning of 2007. Ten years down its birth, may people can testify to the progress and transformations it has made to their lives. For those who sought justice in regards to inhumane treatment, Avaaz has been walking them through the legal processes of acquiring peace and human treatment. For Avaaz, it is all about allowing everyone to freely exist in any part of the universe. The group believes that by virtue of being human, everyone is entitled to humane treatment.

Background of services provided

Avaaz has been dealing with crucial issues that affect most people in the society. Some of these issues include climate change, animal and human rights in addition to global activism in general. With the constant rise of political and human injustices, Avaaz has always ensured that people are safe from the tranquilities of political injustices. Receiving the title of a leading online network activist, Avaaz has always fought for the people through advocacy and human rights initiatives. Perhaps that is why for the ten years it has been serving the people, the organization has received numerous, positive feedback on the roles it plays in fostering peace in societies.

Leadership and contribution

Formed by Ricken Patel, the development of Avaaz is directly linked to his ability to offer viable guidance to the management. Through proper leadership, Avaaz has developed strong communication channels for directing people’s views and opinions in regards to sensitive, life-threatening, issues. Avaaz understands that the society can be crude in dealing with people who hold different opinions in regards to sexual orientation and mixed marriages. The organization, therefore, is always inclined towards assisting such people in leading comfortable lives in the society. For Avaaz, everyone deserves to be treated right, irrespective of their beliefs and personal choices.