National Steel Car Will Dominate For 100 More Years

The Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car, a rail company based in Canada, has been instrumental in bringing his company to great profits. He was so successful in this role here that he was promoted to the Chairman of the Board. He was so skilled that National Steel Car agreed to share him with National Industries so that he could also serve as their Chairman for their Board.


Greg James Aziz is a native of Canada and was born in the city of Hamilton. It is no coincidence that this is now the headquarters of National Steel Car is now Hamilton as well. Greg Aziz loved his hometown and wanted to move back there once he became a CEO.


Gregory James Aziz gained the skills necessary to be a successful Chief Executive Officer during his time attending Western University. He used his time in university to prepare for successful business.


Once Gregory James Aziz arrived at National Steel Car, he immediately got to work. Gregory James Aziz realized that National Steel Car was falling behind those companies that were pushing the boundary. National Steel Car had to begin innovating, or the competition would rush past them soon.


Gregory James Aziz called a meeting with the executives and engineers and began making the necessary changes. This included moving over a substantial amount of money to Research and Development. This money was used to develop a more efficient production line that allowed production workers to create custom cars on the spot.


Gregory James Aziz promoted the vision of excellence with such perfection that National Steel Car became the top rail company in all of North America.


National Steel Car was able to celebrate its 100th year as a rail company because of the hard work of Gregory James Aziz. Aziz gave the keynote speech at this celebration. During his speech, he took time to appreciate that people were doing. He gave his appreciation to the executive team for being his right arm and bringing the process of efficiency to the company. He then gave his appreciation to the workforce that sacrificed to make this dream a reality. He then gave his appreciation to his suppliers who stuck with him during a difficult economy. Lastly, he gave his appreciation to his loyal customer base that dedicated millions of dollars to National Steel Car believing they were the correct choice for their businesses.


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