Compromise is the Way to Go Advises Jeremy Goldstein as Far as Employment Incentives Go

There are many factors to be considered when planning a corporation’s productive economic environment. A poor plan leads to infighting and a consequent lose of employee incentives. At the end of the day the loss is also felt by investors.


Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein has worked for major companies like Bank of America and Goldman Sachs. He has experience on how to manage earnings per share and programs that are incentive based. He also advises on the use of these incentives in programs that pay based on performance.


Jeremy Goldstein went to Cornell University for his Bachelors of Arts degree. He went to University of Chicago for masters in the same. Between 1996 and 1999, he graduated with a Juris Doctor in Law from New York University School of Law.


Earnings per Share (EPS)


When it comes to influencing stock price, EPS is among the biggest attraction to investors. This alone is a contributing factor to shareholders buying or even selling. In addition it incentivizes companies to top up what they pay out their staff. According to studies, when EPS is included in the pay structure, companies tend to be more successful. Though at first this appears to be a good thing, the competitiveness of trading allows entities to use EPS as leverage to make unfair advantage.


No to EPS


Those against the EPS have indicated that when it is used in corporations in most cases it gives too much power to the chief executives and dispenses with collective responsibility. This will in turn, according to opponents of EPS create favoritism or disfavor with some CEOs. With the CEOs in charge of the EPS, shareholders are not accurately informed of the value of the share as the metrics used in computing are influenced by the company bosses making them unreliable.


Others have also argued against EPS saying that its profitability is short term and hence it cannot be relied upon for long term growth and development of a company. Equally criticized is the performance- based remuneration. It is viewed as unreliable and capricious. Experts including Larry Fink have not shied from criticizing these metrics as they most certainly end up hurting companies.




Jeremy Goldstein suggests compromise between the pro and anti EPS. As opposed to discarding the incentive payment, which contributes to good working conditions, Jeremy Goldstein says companies should device ways of holding their CEOs and boards accountable. As long as the incentivized pay matches a company’s long term goals, it is not bad to have it.


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Dick Devos – article recap

Dick DeVos is changing the face of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The billionaire CEO and entrepreneur has spend a great deal of his vast fortune putting his money where his mouth is.


In 1991, after a group came forward to push for a downtown sporting arena, DeVos used his power and influence to thwart those efforts. His reasoning — to keep downtown Grand Rapids from deteriorating like Downtown Detroit did after the Pontiac Silverdome and the Palace were vacated.


After the sporting arena was nixed, several business leaders came forward with the idea to build other skyline improving properties like the DeVos Place Convention Center, DeVos Performance Hall and Michigan State’s medical school.


As an heir of great wealth, DeVos has used some of his massive wealth to change policy and influence state laws regarding labor and education.


While his wife Betsy DeVos, newly appointed Sec. of Education, has pushed for the expansion of charter schools he continued to work on changing Detroit to a right-to-work state. Very ironic, since the city is well-known for being the birthplace of unionization.


DeVos’ foray into education is something that has brought a lot of good to the state. For years, the DeVos family has been on the forefront of school choice. It is their philosophy that all children are entitled to an excellent education regardless of socioeconomic background.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has given nearly $140 million to a number of initiatives including the arts, education, human services and churches. He also spearheaded the construction of a children’s hospital named in honor of his mother Helen DeVos.


The children’s hospital — Spectrum Health System — is a god send to locals who have sick children. It saves them from having to make the long drive to Ann Arbor and Chicago to receive care.


While DeVos and his wife have tried hard at getting Michiganders on board with educational reforms, not all have agreed.


Their 2000 attempt for a constitutional amendment to create a school voucher program fell flat. But even though they lost in their state, they were able to get programs in others. DeVos and his wife pushed the voucher strategy and now 24 states have it in some form.


DeVos also unsuccessfully ran to unseat Gov. Jennifer Granholm in 2006.


He says he may run for office again one day. But right now, he’s concentrating on other ways to better his stat. Learn more:


Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel in 1952 and grew up there and later served in the Israel Defense Forces, serving in the Yom Kipper War in 1973. He attended Technion, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in business and economics. Adam Milstein married Gila in 1974, then in 1981 moved to the United States, attended the University of Southern California and received a Master of Business Administration degree.


Adam Milstein began his career as a sales agent in the commercial real estate business. He is currently employed at Hager Pacific Properties, an investment company worth over $2 billion. Adam is managing partner in the San Fernando Valley office and oversees the financing and accounting divisions. The company owns and manages over one-hundred industrial and commercial properties all over the United States, as well as 2,300 apartment units.


Adam Milstein is not only a successful businessman, but is a man who is “passionate about working to strengthen the Jewish people”, which he stated in an interview. He has founded or co-founded many pro-Israel organizations, including the following:

  1. Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation – Provides money and services to many

organizations and individuals to help strengthen the relationship between Israel and the United States,the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

  1. Israeli-American Council – Serves 250,000 Israeli-Americans to help strengthen the

American Jewish community and is the fastest growing Jewish organization in the world.

  1. SifriyatPijamaB’America – Provides free monthly Hebrew books to seventy Israeli- Jewish American families.

He also serves on the Boards of many more organizations that help Israel and U.S. relations, has taken part in Pro-Israel activist activities, has written editorials regarding movements that could be a threat to Israel and western nations and is known as one of the “top twenty-five Twitter activists”.

Along with all of his accomplishments, a top Jewish newspaper chose Adam Milstein as one of the “Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life” and wrote that “he is making an impact on the world that will last for many generations to come”.

National Steel Car Will Dominate For 100 More Years

The Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car, a rail company based in Canada, has been instrumental in bringing his company to great profits. He was so successful in this role here that he was promoted to the Chairman of the Board. He was so skilled that National Steel Car agreed to share him with National Industries so that he could also serve as their Chairman for their Board.


Greg James Aziz is a native of Canada and was born in the city of Hamilton. It is no coincidence that this is now the headquarters of National Steel Car is now Hamilton as well. Greg Aziz loved his hometown and wanted to move back there once he became a CEO.


Gregory James Aziz gained the skills necessary to be a successful Chief Executive Officer during his time attending Western University. He used his time in university to prepare for successful business.


Once Gregory James Aziz arrived at National Steel Car, he immediately got to work. Gregory James Aziz realized that National Steel Car was falling behind those companies that were pushing the boundary. National Steel Car had to begin innovating, or the competition would rush past them soon.


Gregory James Aziz called a meeting with the executives and engineers and began making the necessary changes. This included moving over a substantial amount of money to Research and Development. This money was used to develop a more efficient production line that allowed production workers to create custom cars on the spot.


Gregory James Aziz promoted the vision of excellence with such perfection that National Steel Car became the top rail company in all of North America.


National Steel Car was able to celebrate its 100th year as a rail company because of the hard work of Gregory James Aziz. Aziz gave the keynote speech at this celebration. During his speech, he took time to appreciate that people were doing. He gave his appreciation to the executive team for being his right arm and bringing the process of efficiency to the company. He then gave his appreciation to the workforce that sacrificed to make this dream a reality. He then gave his appreciation to his suppliers who stuck with him during a difficult economy. Lastly, he gave his appreciation to his loyal customer base that dedicated millions of dollars to National Steel Car believing they were the correct choice for their businesses.


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A Powerhouse of the Industry: Gregory Aziz

Very few individuals can boast about prowess and business acumen like Gregory James Aziz. Throughout his professional career, Greg Aziz has shown that he has the ability to function in several different industries and turn failing businesses around. He has the ability to change with environmental factors and innovate in a way that makes his competitors obsolete. Greg Aziz truly is a powerhouse in the business world, and he is showing no signs of slowing down.


Aziz started his career shortly after graduating from the University of Western Ontario with his degree in Economics. He was asked to join the family business, and he was happy to be given the option at such a young age. He started working at Affiliated Foods and quickly rose to the top. Being a member of the owning family, he was expected to bring new ideas into the boardroom, but nobody expected him to grow the company from a domestic seller to a national distributor. He found a way to gain better deals with several exporters from South America and Europe during his time at Affiliated. He even gained several new customers in the United States that wanted access to new and exotic foods. When he left after 16 years, Greg Aziz had built an international conglomerate.


Now Aziz was ready for a new challenge. After spending a decade in the investment banking business in New York, he decided to make his first major investment. Aziz purchased National Steel Car from its then owner, Dofasco; a manufacturer of rolling stock for railroads, in 1994. This was seen as an extremely risky enterprise, especially considering the railroad industry was in decline. Not only that, but recent rail disasters and industrial accidents had cast as shadow and doubt over the ability of railcar manufacturers to keep up with all of the regulations. Greg Aziz showed them all that he was the one able to do it.


Over the past 24 years, Gregory Aziz has grown National Steel Car from 600 employees to over 3,000. He also induced cash flow into the business and focused on capital projects during his early years. Because of this influx of cash, production capacity was able to increase from 3,500 cars to over 12,000 annually. Aziz has also focused on innovation and the company’s tradition of engineering excellence to make sure all of his railcars will meet both the regulatory standards for today and tomorrow. Greg Aziz has always been a Master of Business, and he will continue to keep companies like National Steel Car alive for years to come.

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Luxury Real Estate Becomes The Domain Of DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani

The luxury real estate developer, Hussain Sajwani has been building his impressive career across a number of decades with an eye on creating a career built around the sale of some of the most opulent apartments on the planet. Working with New York-based real estate mogul and current U.S. President Donald Trump has given the career of the DAMAC owner an even bigger boost in recent times as his fame and good reputation have spread far beyond the Dubai headquarters of DAMAC Properties because of his business links and friendship with the President.


Building his real estate career began in 2002 when the government of the UAE changed its rules on property ownership in Dubai and allowed Hussain Sajwani to create a career based on selling luxury properties to foreign nationals entering Dubai. The sale of millions of dollars worth of luxury real estate to people across Dubai and the world began for Sajwani when he purchased a small piece of land in an undeveloped region of Dubai many people believed he would find it difficult to sell on the luxury market; after planning a 38-story luxury apartment block, Hussain Sajwani made his initial reputation in the real estate industry by selling every unit in the block prior to ground being broken on the construction project.


Since the completion of his initial project, Hussain Sajwani has found himself continuing to improve his development skills and becoming known for the success he has achieved in identifying the highs and lows of the real estate development business. The luxury real estate business has seen a new business model developed by the DAMAC founder who has developed his links to the Trump family as he has created a real estate empire based on keeping his debts low and allowing each development to be funded independently of all other construction projects. Continuing his success as a luxury developer has allowed Hussain Sajwani to become one of the best-known business people in the world with a fortune Forbes estimates at more than $4 billion.

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Roberto Santiago, the Brain behind the Manaira Shopping Mall

Brazil’s renowned entrepreneur Roberto Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa where he lived his entire early life. Roberto Santiago went to Pio-X-Marist College before joining the University Center of Joao Pessoa to pursue Business Administration degree. Roberto’s first career was with the Café Santa Rosa, a manufacturing company based in Brazil. Roberto was not satisfied working with other people which made him start his own firm known as the Cartonnage. The company specialized in making cartons using cardboards. Roberto Santiago was still not satisfied with the new challenge and went ahead to try investment in real estate. He bought a piece of land in 1987 where he built the Manaira Mall. After two years, Roberto Santiago launched the Manaira shopping mall housing gaming platform, a theatre, gym, banks, a college, various shopping stores and a food court.

Domus Hall, the famous Brazilian hall is on the rooftop of Manaira shopping mall. The Domus Hall is spacious enough and has played host to various weddings, exhibitions, conferences, and graduation ceremonies. The hall has a seating capacity of more than four-thousand seats while having enough space to hold other ten-thousand standing audiences. The latest upgrades and maintenance led to the installation of modern music systems, soundproof walls, and air conditioners.

More about Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago ensured that the Manaira shopping mall has enough entertainment options to attract people to frequent the place. It is possible to everything for everyone in the shopping mall including books, jewelry, clothing, furniture and sports gear among other things. With over 20 years of real estate development, Roberto Santiago managed to develop the Manaira shopping mall from the ground to one of the best shopping malls in Brazil. The construction of the Domus Hall was Roberto Santiago’s idea of attracting talented people musically. In this manner, it is true to say that Roberto Santiago found a way to give back to the society and promote cultural exchange in Brazil.

Roberto Santiago has another shopping mall called the Mangeira. Roberto Santiago developed the shopping mall in 2013. The city of Joao Pessoa has greatly benefited from the development of the two shopping malls. The city residences have been offered more destinations to access and acquire their desired products and services. Roberto Santiago’s initiatives have led to many business entities relocating the base to Joao Pessoa providing endless options to their customers.

The Manaira shopping mall strives to be among the best not only in Brazil but also in the entire world. Most. Boys and men prefer shopping malls with a variety of entertainment options. Such men would prefer taking their women for shopping in locations such as the Manaira and Mangeira with enough entertainment options available. Roberto remains strategic in his business dealings to achieve maximum benefit from his investments. Roberto remains a respected entrepreneur and a role model to many people.


Shafik Sachedina: Building An Accommodating Care Institution

Shafik Sachedina is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and dental surgeon who co-founded Sussex Healthcare, one of the UK’s leading rehabilitation center and medical facility.

He currently serves as the joint chairman of Sussex Healthcare, and he is leading the company along with his colleagues. Aside from managing the healthcare facility, Shafik Sachedina is also practicing his profession as a dental surgeon for over 40 years, providing quality dental care to his patients. Shafik Sachedina is an immigrant from Tanzania, and his family moved to the United Kingdom when he was still studying. He had to continue his studies in the United Kingdom, deciding that he should become a dental surgeon someday.

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Shafik Sachedina obtained his license to practice dental surgery in 1975, and his passion to help the people with their dental and medical needs gave him the idea to open up a rehabilitation center and a healthcare facility that will provide affordable treatment and care for its patients. He contacted some of his colleagues and relay the idea that he has. Shafik Sachedina’s colleagues agreed to his idea, and they opened up the Sussex Healthcare after he convinced them that a business focusing on providing patient care will be a hit especially in the United Kingdom.

Sussex Healthcare was built in a location far away from the city center. The founders of the facility wanted the patients to experience a clean environment, away from the pollution of the city. They believe that it will help them with their recovery, and by placing the facility in a location that has mountains, water bodies and fresh air, the patients would develop a healthier body. Presently, the location accepts the elderly who wanted to retire at the facility, those who have brain injuries, people suffering from dementia, and people who are suffering from other mental and physical disorders.

Shafik Sachedina is also a philanthropist, known for his projects that provide assistance to the poorest communities across the globe. He is also a member of the Institute of Ismaili Studies and the Aga Khan Development Network, which are two organizations aimed to alleviate the quality of life for everyone. Shafik Sachedina is encouraging everyone who are having health issues to visit the Sussex Healthcare facility for rehabilitation and treatment. He is ensuring all the visitors of the facility that they will be enjoying the services that will be given to them by the company’s highly trained professionals.

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Jeremy Goldstein views of Stock as a compensation option

Jeremy Goldstein has a stake at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC which is a boutique law firm devoted to guiding compensation committees, chief executive officers, and corporations. It also guides management teams in executive corporate governance issues and compensation; mainly as such matters come up regarding transformative business events and sensitive circumstances, holds that this option has benefits if one looked at it keenly.


In the recent past, a lot of corporations have ceased offering their employees stock benefits. Such decisions have largely been informed by reasons of financial constraints. Some situations, however, are more complex. Jeremy Goldstein sheds some light on why many companies might cut the stock option by advancing three key reasons.


  • If the stock values drop substantially, it might be an uphill task for personnel to use their stock options. But, businesses are obligated to report on their allied expenses. It is these expenses that make stakeholders face increased danger of overhang.
  • Because of the unpredictable nature of stock stability, workers have grown apprehensive and are therefore avoiding this model of compensation. The risk that overturns pose is real, and the employees have identified this as something that can make their stock options worthless.
  • The option also introduces a likelihood of increased accounting burdens, which can sometimes exceed the financial advantages of the derivatives. Employees deem the stock option to be unattractive compared to the rise in salary that they could receive if the stock alternative were removed.


Jeremy Goldstein is of the view that the stock option might favor a business since it is advantageous as compared to additional wages, better insurance coverage or equities. As a result of this, there is a high probability that employees will appreciate the stock options. Moreover, the options offer a value that in uniform for all the personnel.


According to Jeremy Goldstein, the stock value becomes even better with the rise of the companies share prices. The stock option can motivate to improved output, and work performance as the employees are motivated to source for more clients, preserve the current clients, and develop new concepts for business development, because their stock option rises in value as the company grows and makes profit.


In comparison with the equity option, Jeremy Goldstein advocates for corporations to use stock option. Goldstein strongly believes that the stock option is best suited when companies are developing top executive compensation plans. The tax burden that comes with shares is eliminated, when a company chooses to use the stock option.


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Avaaz Fights For Humanity and Justice

Avaaz translates to voicing the opinions of others. Based in America, the civic organization has been in existent since the beginning of 2007. Ten years down its birth, may people can testify to the progress and transformations it has made to their lives. For those who sought justice in regards to inhumane treatment, Avaaz has been walking them through the legal processes of acquiring peace and human treatment. For Avaaz, it is all about allowing everyone to freely exist in any part of the universe. The group believes that by virtue of being human, everyone is entitled to humane treatment.

Background of services provided

Avaaz has been dealing with crucial issues that affect most people in the society. Some of these issues include climate change, animal and human rights in addition to global activism in general. With the constant rise of political and human injustices, Avaaz has always ensured that people are safe from the tranquilities of political injustices. Receiving the title of a leading online network activist, Avaaz has always fought for the people through advocacy and human rights initiatives. Perhaps that is why for the ten years it has been serving the people, the organization has received numerous, positive feedback on the roles it plays in fostering peace in societies.

Leadership and contribution

Formed by Ricken Patel, the development of Avaaz is directly linked to his ability to offer viable guidance to the management. Through proper leadership, Avaaz has developed strong communication channels for directing people’s views and opinions in regards to sensitive, life-threatening, issues. Avaaz understands that the society can be crude in dealing with people who hold different opinions in regards to sexual orientation and mixed marriages. The organization, therefore, is always inclined towards assisting such people in leading comfortable lives in the society. For Avaaz, everyone deserves to be treated right, irrespective of their beliefs and personal choices.