National Steel Car Will Dominate For 100 More Years

The Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car, a rail company based in Canada, has been instrumental in bringing his company to great profits. He was so successful in this role here that he was promoted to the Chairman of the Board. He was so skilled that National Steel Car agreed to share him with National Industries so that he could also serve as their Chairman for their Board.


Greg James Aziz is a native of Canada and was born in the city of Hamilton. It is no coincidence that this is now the headquarters of National Steel Car is now Hamilton as well. Greg Aziz loved his hometown and wanted to move back there once he became a CEO.


Gregory James Aziz gained the skills necessary to be a successful Chief Executive Officer during his time attending Western University. He used his time in university to prepare for successful business.


Once Gregory James Aziz arrived at National Steel Car, he immediately got to work. Gregory James Aziz realized that National Steel Car was falling behind those companies that were pushing the boundary. National Steel Car had to begin innovating, or the competition would rush past them soon.


Gregory James Aziz called a meeting with the executives and engineers and began making the necessary changes. This included moving over a substantial amount of money to Research and Development. This money was used to develop a more efficient production line that allowed production workers to create custom cars on the spot.


Gregory James Aziz promoted the vision of excellence with such perfection that National Steel Car became the top rail company in all of North America.


National Steel Car was able to celebrate its 100th year as a rail company because of the hard work of Gregory James Aziz. Aziz gave the keynote speech at this celebration. During his speech, he took time to appreciate that people were doing. He gave his appreciation to the executive team for being his right arm and bringing the process of efficiency to the company. He then gave his appreciation to the workforce that sacrificed to make this dream a reality. He then gave his appreciation to his suppliers who stuck with him during a difficult economy. Lastly, he gave his appreciation to his loyal customer base that dedicated millions of dollars to National Steel Car believing they were the correct choice for their businesses.


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A Powerhouse of the Industry: Gregory Aziz

Very few individuals can boast about prowess and business acumen like Gregory James Aziz. Throughout his professional career, Greg Aziz has shown that he has the ability to function in several different industries and turn failing businesses around. He has the ability to change with environmental factors and innovate in a way that makes his competitors obsolete. Greg Aziz truly is a powerhouse in the business world, and he is showing no signs of slowing down.


Aziz started his career shortly after graduating from the University of Western Ontario with his degree in Economics. He was asked to join the family business, and he was happy to be given the option at such a young age. He started working at Affiliated Foods and quickly rose to the top. Being a member of the owning family, he was expected to bring new ideas into the boardroom, but nobody expected him to grow the company from a domestic seller to a national distributor. He found a way to gain better deals with several exporters from South America and Europe during his time at Affiliated. He even gained several new customers in the United States that wanted access to new and exotic foods. When he left after 16 years, Greg Aziz had built an international conglomerate.


Now Aziz was ready for a new challenge. After spending a decade in the investment banking business in New York, he decided to make his first major investment. Aziz purchased National Steel Car from its then owner, Dofasco; a manufacturer of rolling stock for railroads, in 1994. This was seen as an extremely risky enterprise, especially considering the railroad industry was in decline. Not only that, but recent rail disasters and industrial accidents had cast as shadow and doubt over the ability of railcar manufacturers to keep up with all of the regulations. Greg Aziz showed them all that he was the one able to do it.


Over the past 24 years, Gregory Aziz has grown National Steel Car from 600 employees to over 3,000. He also induced cash flow into the business and focused on capital projects during his early years. Because of this influx of cash, production capacity was able to increase from 3,500 cars to over 12,000 annually. Aziz has also focused on innovation and the company’s tradition of engineering excellence to make sure all of his railcars will meet both the regulatory standards for today and tomorrow. Greg Aziz has always been a Master of Business, and he will continue to keep companies like National Steel Car alive for years to come.

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Roberto Santiago, the Brain behind the Manaira Shopping Mall

Brazil’s renowned entrepreneur Roberto Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa where he lived his entire early life. Roberto Santiago went to Pio-X-Marist College before joining the University Center of Joao Pessoa to pursue Business Administration degree. Roberto’s first career was with the Café Santa Rosa, a manufacturing company based in Brazil. Roberto was not satisfied working with other people which made him start his own firm known as the Cartonnage. The company specialized in making cartons using cardboards. Roberto Santiago was still not satisfied with the new challenge and went ahead to try investment in real estate. He bought a piece of land in 1987 where he built the Manaira Mall. After two years, Roberto Santiago launched the Manaira shopping mall housing gaming platform, a theatre, gym, banks, a college, various shopping stores and a food court.

Domus Hall, the famous Brazilian hall is on the rooftop of Manaira shopping mall. The Domus Hall is spacious enough and has played host to various weddings, exhibitions, conferences, and graduation ceremonies. The hall has a seating capacity of more than four-thousand seats while having enough space to hold other ten-thousand standing audiences. The latest upgrades and maintenance led to the installation of modern music systems, soundproof walls, and air conditioners.

More about Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago ensured that the Manaira shopping mall has enough entertainment options to attract people to frequent the place. It is possible to everything for everyone in the shopping mall including books, jewelry, clothing, furniture and sports gear among other things. With over 20 years of real estate development, Roberto Santiago managed to develop the Manaira shopping mall from the ground to one of the best shopping malls in Brazil. The construction of the Domus Hall was Roberto Santiago’s idea of attracting talented people musically. In this manner, it is true to say that Roberto Santiago found a way to give back to the society and promote cultural exchange in Brazil.

Roberto Santiago has another shopping mall called the Mangeira. Roberto Santiago developed the shopping mall in 2013. The city of Joao Pessoa has greatly benefited from the development of the two shopping malls. The city residences have been offered more destinations to access and acquire their desired products and services. Roberto Santiago’s initiatives have led to many business entities relocating the base to Joao Pessoa providing endless options to their customers.

The Manaira shopping mall strives to be among the best not only in Brazil but also in the entire world. Most. Boys and men prefer shopping malls with a variety of entertainment options. Such men would prefer taking their women for shopping in locations such as the Manaira and Mangeira with enough entertainment options available. Roberto remains strategic in his business dealings to achieve maximum benefit from his investments. Roberto remains a respected entrepreneur and a role model to many people.


Nathaniel is helping Sweetgreens up the restaurant ladder

Born in 1985 in Pasadena, CA is Nathaniel Ru. Nathaniel graduated from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business with his BS in Finance. After graduating he came together with 2 of his fellow graduates to start Sweetgreens. Learn more:


Sweetgreens is known as being a seasonal kitchen that mainly focuses on local sourcing and sustainability. The very first location of Sweetgreens was located right in the heart of Georgetown. Since the restaurant first started they have been able to expand to over 27 different locations located in 6 different states. Sweetgreens is hoping that they will be able to expand into the West Coast in the early part of 2015.


The 3 founders came up with the idea for Sweetgreens when they saw that their community needed more healthy and delicious and also eco friendly dining options. Sweetlife was able to be launched in 2010, and was started by Nathaniel Ru and his business partners. Sweetlife has come to be known as one of the regions largest music and food festivals around. Over 20,000 people is said to attend the event each year.


Sweetgreens has been able to make a huge name for itself coming to be known as a high-end salad food chain. Large investors are said to be backing the food chain such as: Danny Meyer, Steve Case and Daniel Boulvd. Not only has Sweetgreens come to be known for their amazing food that they offer but they have also come to be known for serving organic, fresh and also providing local experiences. Most of the customers that come to one of Sweetgreens 40 locations are always willing to wait in their lines just to be able to eat at their resturant. Learn more:


30% of the transactions that are made through Sweetgreens is done over their website or over their mobile app. All 3 of the founders are currently considering rethinking their management strategies so that they can learn how to be able to better serve all of their customers. The Sweetgreens corporate office is shut down five times a year so that each worker has a chance to work in the restaurants so that they can all know how it feels to work as part of the restaurant team. Since very first opening their doors Sweetgreens has been able to come a long way up the restaurant ladder. They are hoping in time they will be able to grow their restaurants even more to better suit and satisfy their customers.

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