Nathaniel is helping Sweetgreens up the restaurant ladder

Born in 1985 in Pasadena, CA is Nathaniel Ru. Nathaniel graduated from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business with his BS in Finance. After graduating he came together with 2 of his fellow graduates to start Sweetgreens. Learn more:


Sweetgreens is known as being a seasonal kitchen that mainly focuses on local sourcing and sustainability. The very first location of Sweetgreens was located right in the heart of Georgetown. Since the restaurant first started they have been able to expand to over 27 different locations located in 6 different states. Sweetgreens is hoping that they will be able to expand into the West Coast in the early part of 2015.


The 3 founders came up with the idea for Sweetgreens when they saw that their community needed more healthy and delicious and also eco friendly dining options. Sweetlife was able to be launched in 2010, and was started by Nathaniel Ru and his business partners. Sweetlife has come to be known as one of the regions largest music and food festivals around. Over 20,000 people is said to attend the event each year.


Sweetgreens has been able to make a huge name for itself coming to be known as a high-end salad food chain. Large investors are said to be backing the food chain such as: Danny Meyer, Steve Case and Daniel Boulvd. Not only has Sweetgreens come to be known for their amazing food that they offer but they have also come to be known for serving organic, fresh and also providing local experiences. Most of the customers that come to one of Sweetgreens 40 locations are always willing to wait in their lines just to be able to eat at their resturant. Learn more:


30% of the transactions that are made through Sweetgreens is done over their website or over their mobile app. All 3 of the founders are currently considering rethinking their management strategies so that they can learn how to be able to better serve all of their customers. The Sweetgreens corporate office is shut down five times a year so that each worker has a chance to work in the restaurants so that they can all know how it feels to work as part of the restaurant team. Since very first opening their doors Sweetgreens has been able to come a long way up the restaurant ladder. They are hoping in time they will be able to grow their restaurants even more to better suit and satisfy their customers.

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