Securus Technologies Offender Monitoring Technologies

Securus Technologies is the industry leader when it comes to offender monitoring technology. Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies provides a wide range of different types of technological solutions for correctional institutions as well as probation and parole departments.


Securus Technologies is committed to community safety. As a result, the company has been committed to enhancing the offender monitoring technology it makes available to the correctional industry. This includes everything from advances GPS offender monitoring systems to other types of associated technologies.


Over the course of the past three years, Securus Technologies reports that it has invested $600 million in a variety of areas, including the enhance of its technology. The company has also been active in the area of acquisitions, expanding its reach in regard to offender monitoring.


In addition to offender monitoring in the proverbial real world, Securus Technologies also provides an array of different types of technologies to correctional institutions across North America. At the present time, the company maintains contracts for services and solutions with over 2,600 correctional facilities in the United States alone. It provides services and solutions to more facilities and correctional departments than any other service provider in business today.


One main area in which Securus Technologies provides correctional institutional solutions is through its inmate telephone systems. Through its inmate telephone systems, incarcerated men and women are able to maintain more meaningful connections with their loved ones. Research indicates that incarcerated individuals that maintain regular contact with family and friends have a lower recidivism rate upon release into the community. Therefore, Securus Technologies inmate phone systems work to enhance community safety.


Securus Technologies has been in operation since 1986. Since that time, the company has been active in expanding its reach through the acquisition of other entities in the correctional services and solutions industries.


Positive Reviews from Customers Remind Us Why Securus Technologies Is a Premium Communication Service Provider in the Prison Industry

Securus Technologies’ reputation as a leading provider of criminal justice technology solutions to various prisons in the U.S remains unmatched. The company’s unique ability to identify, prevent and solve crimes through technology has cemented its legacy for years to come. As a testament to their excellence, several prison officials have deemed it necessary to offer their honest feedback regarding Securus’ exemplary services. Drafted in the form of letters and emails, such information speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to making the incarceration environment a much better environment.


According to Rick Smith, Securus’ Chairman and CEO, the enterprise strives to develop cutting-edge products and services to help prevent or solve crimes, in the worst case scenario. Thousands of letters are received weekly which tremendously aids in the identification of corrupt officers within the department. However, the identities of informant have been withheld due to security reasons.


Customer Feedback on How the Company’s Technology Has Assisted in Solving Crime


  • Several customers provided urgent assistance on a pending case by expediting the issuance of a search warrant on an identified corrupt official. Through the information, the prison management arrested the culprit for prosecution sooner rather than later.
  • Calls made to the penitentiary provided crucial evidence regarding drug trafficking, suspicious financial transactions, alcohol abuse and much more illegal activities conducted among inmates. As such, numerous illegal operations have been dealt a crushing blow.
  • Alternatively, users have hailed Securus’ revolutionary services by facilitating constant communication between loved ones. Additionally, the incarceration environment has come in handy while improving public safety within the correctional service industry.
  • Through the system, Securus has been at the forefront in monitoring and thwarting the entry of contraband into the facility.
  • Through the investigative tools at the enterprise’s disposal, officials have identified various cases of harassment filed by aggrieved inmates. Additionally, the prison management has utilized every asset at their disposal to strengthen security measures.