Eva Moskowitz Announces Success Academies Ed Institute

Eva Moskowitz and Success Academies announced the opening of their new educational platform, the Ed Institute. This online platform opened in June of 2017.


Eva Moskowitz is the founder and CEO of Success Academies. Success Academies is based in New York City, and is a free, public charter school system open to all New York state students. It is ranked in the top one percent of all state schools in math, the top two percent in English and the five percent in science.


Before founding Success Academies, Eva Moskowitz was a teacher and college educator. She uses her prior experience to improve learning outcomes for the children in her state. Her leadership has made Success Academies one of the best charter school programs in the country.


Now, the Ed Institute allows teachers across the country to access the tools that make Success Academies so great. This is a free and open platform for educators. “We are sharing exactly what has made our schools so effective, so that others can be faster and better at replicating that success,” said Eva Moskowitz in a press release.


The launch began with providing access to the THINK Literacy program. This is the reading program for elementary schools that Success Academies used to bring their charter program to the top of New York public education. As the Ed Institute continues, they will also offer other training to go along with their educational material. Eva Moskowitz and Success Academies hope this will increase educational outcomes across the United States.